At last the builders are here,
To transform my garage into a loo,
We’ll soon have it done they say,
Just give us the tools and endless cups of brew.


Before long the walls were built,
With timber, brick and sweat,
Don’t worry about a thing they said,
Done it all before, “yeah I bet” !


But it soon started to take shape,
A bathroom emerged before my very eye,
It won’t cost you much they said,
But on the profits we’re off to Dubai.


The building gang began to grow,
With chippies, sparks and plumbers too,
All well mannered and very tidy,
Not at all a motley crew.


Good workers one and all,
Although, none are call “Bob”
A better bunch I could not ask,
As they all got on with the job.


Now their work is complete,
All it needs is to be passed,
The inspectors come and give it the a o k ,
Now I have a bathroom that will last.


So guys I hope I’ve not been too much of a pain
And Larry are you sure you had nothing to do with my drain.


Thanks a million Larry.