Loft Conversion

Eastside Developments Convert Your Loft! You’ll Love the  Extra Space!

Do you love having extra space? Loft conversions and house extensions are the way to do it without moving home. Convert the space in your loft into more prime living space that fits into the rest of your house. Take advantage of the slopes of the roof, add lots of natural light and loft conversions are the way to add an aesthetically pleasing extension to your home.

We are specialists in many different types and styles of loft conversions, and have completed many projects for satisfied customers right across the north west of England.

What is a Dormer Conversion?

Do you really want to maximise your space? Add a Dormer! This is how we do it. The roof is removed at the rear of the house and a structure is built outside of the roofline. Ceiling height is achieved over a much larger area than is possible with a `rooflight` conversion.

Most dormer conversions create enough space for two rooms, either two bedrooms or a bedroom and bathroom/en-suite. The shape of dormers can vary, depending on the available height and pitch (angle) of the roof. Where height is limited, a flat roof design is normally utilised. Where height is not such a limiting factor, a pitch/crown style dormer roof can be used instead. Either way you can experience some fantastic results.

Roof Light Conversions

Have you considered what is probably the cheapest and quickest type of loft conversion? With a roof light conversion only the existing roof space is used and there are no modifications made to the exterior shape of the roof. A new floor is installed and the current roof structure is reinforced. The installation of VELUX windows is the recommended way to provide light and that ‘spacious’ feel.

When starting any project like this you have to know you can trust the company you employ. You will probably also have a number of questions. Use the benefit of our experience.


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